We invite all architects, urban designers and interior designers (student also welcome) to submit projects that provide possible solutions to how the built environment should be re-designed to prevent the spread of future pandemics that are likely to happen.

the problem statement

The world as we knew it will never be the same again, not our behavior, economies, transport systems and the list goes on…  The built environment should also be re-looked at. It is suggested that the spread of pandemics could be enhanced by our built environments. Urban and architectural design is mostly human centered and draw people together as social beings. The spread of pandemics flourish in these spaces.


the brief

The brief is open. It can either be alterations & additions, or new buildings / spaces that fall within the categories below. You can enter as a team, an individual, student or a professional. You can also enter multiple entries. The question to be addressed is what should architecture be beyond COVID-19.

-Medical facilities: Current medical infrastructure is struggling to keep up with the sudden increase in demand. The design also does not provide sufficient protection for health workers against contacting the virus.  How can we adapt existing medical centers? How should new facilities be designed? 

-Housing: All the sudden many homes across the world have become self-isolation facilities. Are our homes equipped to quarantine people? Only the fortunate are lucky enough to contain themselves within a spacious and safe home. There are billions of people who will have to self-isolate themselves in slums. What are the possible answers to this design challenge? 

-Public space: Many public spaces in 1st world countries have suddenly become voids. This is testament to the idea that the we must change our approach and rethink how we create public space. Public space in slums are not able to become spaces of protection. How do we re-design public spaces to be rapidly reinvented into new uses to counter pandemics? How do we design social space with social distancing in mind? 

-Transport facilities: Public transport as we know it will change . Airports, taxi ranks, bus terminals, harbors etc. across the world have come to a standstill as these buildings are ideal breeding grounds for the transmission of COVID-19. Do we design a new world where we limit transport, or do we redesign these facilities to allow us to move around, preventing us from contracting viruses?

-Workplace: Many homes have become isolated offices during numerous lock down across the world. Is this the future of the workplace? How does this effect our homes and daily lives? Can homes be better equipped as multi-functional spaces?  


The outcome will be a free eBook. The book will showcase the top 20 entries of each category. It will also list the winners in each category (1st-3rd), including the over all 1st-3rd rankings. Judges to be announced within the next 3 weeks (due to the rapid launch of the ideas competition).
There will be no competition prizes at this stage. The underlying purpose of the ideas competition is not to compensate entrants with prize money, but instead provide entrants with an unique opportunity to provide the world with solutions to the future of our world.


Registration 30 March – 20 May 2020
Submission deadline 15 June 2020 (depending on registration numbers)
Publication release 1 Aug 2020



Please direct any questions to Questions and answers will be published on this page

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