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We invite all architects, urban designers and interior designers (student also welcome) to submit projects that provide possible solutions to how the built environment should be re-designed to prevent the spread of future pandemics that are likely to happen.

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the problem statement

The world as we knew it will never be the same again, not our behavior, economies, transport systems and the list goes on…  The built environment should also be re-looked at. It is suggested that the spread of pandemics could be enhanced by our built environments. Urban and architectural design is mostly human centered and draw people together as social beings. The spread of pandemics flourish in these spaces.


the brief

The brief is open. It can either be alterations & additions, or new buildings / spaces that fall within the categories below. You can enter as a team, an individual, student or a professional. You can also enter multiple entries. The question to be addressed is what should architecture be beyond COVID-19.


the winners

1st place: Vahe Ghazaryan from Russia

2nd place: Bentel & Associates International from South-Africa

3rd place: Chian Ying Xuan from the UK

4th place: Justin Paul Ware + Evie Cheung from the USA

Special mention: Sadie Imae from the USA