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The Community Church of Zandspruit currently meets in a tent

Community Church of Zandspruit

The building is designed to primarily house the Community Church of Zandspruit,but will also accommodate various groups in the community who seek space for gathering.
The main features of the design include:
-a main gathering space extendable by operable screens on the one facade
-a lightweight steel structure to expedite construction
-reusing the tent to provide additional shading to the one side
-a platform to the outside forming an outside gathering space
-window openings in the form of a cross to create a visual beacon
-incorporating materials which can be sourced from the community of Zandspruit
-design features which will encourage community engagement to create a
greater sense of ownership, such as a window made from glass bottles gathered
by members of the community.

Our vision for the community of Zandspruit is to provide them with beacon of hope 
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