A double story pod in Tarlton

Tower Shack

This structure is both a living space and internet cafe. The ground floor space will be used for an internet cafe powered by solar energy. The first floor space is a bedroom with views over the informal settlement. A steel mesh is used for a 2nd building skin where ivy will grow to cool and shade the structure. Cross ventilation is used to cool the spaces. A water tank is connected to the gutter, which in return feeds the ivy. This same analogy is used where the solar system power laptops which provides the community with internet. The led lights are also power by solar. The lightweight steel skin is insulated in such a way to have better thermal performance than a masonry wall.

Architectural design: Residential / Commercial / Community

Interior design: Exibition stands / Store design / Restaurant design

Proffesional model building

3D modeling: 3d rendering / BIM service

Specialize: Lightweight steel / Radio studio design / Design & build projects / mobile architecure

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