Possible acid mine drainage solution in South-Africa

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We made the cover of Earthworks magazine!

Our off the grid container house in JHB made the cover page of a prestige magazine! 

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The containers form an integral part of Roast-Republic's social franchise program. Previously disadvantages persons can apply to run and operate their own container coffee shop. This specific unit sits within an office park on Empire road Johannesburg

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Our Malawi rural church is complete!

Inspiration for the project was found within the community. The villagers use circular enclosures to protect young plants. This was used as an analogy for the new building; it should act as a protective space, allowing for persons to grow into something bigger and stronger. The same inspiration was drawn from bird cages.

Inspiration was also drawn from the existing church. Although the building is in a bad condition (for its current use), it still retained a sense of sacredness through its natural lighting conditions.
Further more the African drum also served as a motivator for design. The drum is often used for communal and religious purposes.

Within the community circular shapes are mostly associated with a sense of protection & safeguarding. This analogy was taken into consideration, as the new church / town-hall should also communicate this idea.

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A graphic representation (architectural) of what the 265 mil ZAR presidents homestead in Nkandla could have been.

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We are 3D printing!

Our 3D printer is up and running! We are now offering 3d printing as part of our architectural and prototyping services

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Decathlon Container delivered

We have recently completed a mobile pop-up office space for Decathlon Africa

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Mutale FNB branch is online!

The community of Mutale Limpopo finally has access to a world class banking facility! This is our 3 "bank-in-a-can that has gone live!

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Off the grid house JHB finally done!

Our off the grid house in Johannesburg is finally completed! The project consist of many "green" design features such as up-cycled materials, lightweight construction, cross ventilation, natural light, double glazing, borehole water, PV solar powered, solar water geyser etc.

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We won an award for sustainable architecture!!!

Architecture for a Change has recently won the award for sustainable architecture (awarded by the South African Institute for Architects) for our Malawi school. 

The awards were won under the category: Sustainable social Programmes

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