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Malawi business incubator

With the addition of a new church building as part of the 2016 Masterplan - The old existing church building will be re-purposed as a commercial space. Conceptually the “church” is a guiding and assistive, entity supporting those in their spiritual growth. The re-purposed structure will maintain this role - but focused to supporting growth of small business and entrepreneurship.
The buildings’ design and layout reinforces this concept as physical manifestation.


The existing church structure will still form the main foundation for the new proposed structure. 3 main ideals are utilized to manifest into the spatial layout and physical from.
1. Guidance
2. Growth
3. Opportunity
The main structure is divided into four “formalized” shops of 10sqm each. a Space on the western side of the structure is allocated as “incubator”. Here small up and comers and entrepreneurs have a change to get exposure in the hope that their business may grow to fill one of the formalized shops. The roof does not merely act as sheltering element, but reinforces this concept physically.

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