Re-mining Johannesburg

Urban redevelopment through the treatment

of acid mine drainage


The architectural intervention proposes an urban

redevelopment along the mining belt of the city of Johannesburg through the treatment of acid mine drainage.


The design research includes a network of selected sites located along the Johannesburg mining belt to address the problem of acid mine drainage, as well as to provide solutions for future urban environments. The main solutions to eradicate the acid mine water problem are infrastructural, which in most cases is associated with inhumane environments. A design question addressing the marriage between harsh infrastructure and humane environments is therefore dealt with ,in an attempt to create a self-sustaining architecture in which infrastructure can have an integrative urban function for the future. The dissertation aims to achive a design intervention that

will thread the traces of a mining century into this contemporary African city, through an architecture that will grow into the future of the ever-changing and continuously emergent Johannesburg.

Architectural design: Residential / Commercial / Community

Interior design: Exibition stands / Store design / Restaurant design

Proffesional model building

3D modeling: 3d rendering / BIM service

Specialize: Lightweight steel / Radio studio design / Design & build projects / mobile architecure

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