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A residential project on Waterfall Country Lifestyle Estate, Kayalami, Johannesburg

House Louw

The house was designed on the Waterfall Country Lifestyle Estate in Kayalami for a family of five.  

The design was centered around an existing apricot tree on site, determining the position of the central circulation of the house to which all interior spaces are connected. The tree thus reinforces the idea of visibility as most interior spaces of the house are visibly linked to the kitchen.

The entrance to the house consists of a tripple volume space with exposed timber trusses which creates a sense of arrival and frames the view to the opposite side of the house. On the interior,the central sandstone cladded wall becomes a distinctive feature in the house, separating the house into different spatial zones. Outside living spaces are designed and positioned to accommodate different family members, also providing a patio for family gathering space.  

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